Arabian Peninsula Client Appreciation Events, Banquets and Private Parties

THEY improv provides client appreciation events, banquets and private parties throughout the Arabian Peninsula with improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners for entertainment options.

Knowing how to show clients a good time and to help get them to bond with your staff is an important goal that is not lost upon us. We work hard to get your people to interact with your clients as part of any event and for those clients to feel not only appreciated, but taken care of by your staff.

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Arabian Peninsula Client Appreciation Events, Banquets and Private Parties

Improv Comedy - Game Shows - Murder Mystery Dinners
Saudi Arabia - Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - Qatar - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

they improvCompanies almost always want their clients to feel appreciated. THEY improv has a variety of entertainment options to provide customer-centric events designed to increase the bond between your company and its clients. Through such an enhanced bond we help to increase the likelihood of purchases and loyalty.

clientsDoing business in the Arabian Peninsula requires maintaining your own culture, because that is likely part of why companies are looking to work with you to begin with. It also requires that you respect local customs and a showing that your company doesn't look down on local considerations. This includes respecting holidays, etiquette, social levels and language.

THEY improv looks to take these items into consideration with every event while consulting with your personnel from the very beginning. We try to leave nothing to chance and to have as good of an understanding of the upcoming gathering as we can. By doing so, we come prepared for entertaining your guests in as positive environment as possible.

Each show is customized to the people in attendance. A client appreciation event in the Arabian Peninsula should make the guests feel like kings. They are getting a show that has never existed before and will never exist again. It is something that is happening in front of them and was made specially with them in mind.

For a variety of corporate events, banquets and private parties, we have a variety of shows to fit almost every need. We are prepared to help you with your client appreciation gathering anywhere in the Arabian Peninsula. This includes working with the hotels and resorts or you staff to ensure a great time for your guests in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

We understand that entertainment in the region has many considerations that must be made. Not the least of which are the cultural differences. If you are looking to entertain a group that both has American, other international guests as well as local dignitaries, there are many potential problems and pitfalls. Most American entertainment companies don't have the capacity to shift gears and to adjust to the people in attendance. Improv, by its nature, adjusts constantly. All of our programs can do so.

Once you contact our director we'll discuss your needs for employee entertainment and work with you to develop a program that will meet your needs within your budget. This includes getting an understanding of how many people will be in attendance, what their background is, what the goals are for the evening and any language issues.

Contact us today to learn about how THEY can help you succeed in business without really trying!

THEY improv can provide these in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, and practically everywhere else in the Arabian Peninsula as well. Some circumstances may require travel or legal documentation that may add to the fee. Simply ask us as we develop a proposal for your event.

Contact us by email at or by calling 866.219.4386 if in the US or +1 786.543.9472 if not.