Sometimes the best approach to a problem is to hit it head on. For groups looking to bond, we offer our Arabian Peninsula Team Bonding Workshops. They are designed to get people to see each other as human beings as opposted to being from a different background.



A team building workshop involves a series of interactive games and activities that get employees to bond. It is usually presented to the group as a fun activity day rather than mentioning that there are any issues. The company thought it was a good idea to get together and have fun so that everyone could bond. It is not even really misleading since that is exactly what is happening.

yes and

Our activities generally begin with the concept of Yes, And... The idea is that participants have to hear what someone says and agree that what is said is 100% correct. In fact, they have to then add an idea to it and build upon that initial idea. This leads to very strange and fun conversations. More importantly, they are trained to be open to ideas from others in the group and to look to support others. This builds trust and the laughter bonds the employees.

A collaborative exercise involves a conversation between two participants. They get a list of ten random words from the group and work together to make a ten sentence conversation that uses those words in order. It requires being totally open and comfortable with one another while also thinking quickly on their feet. This is fun and random while usually getting laughs.


Other exercises involve story telling, bonding through group activities and learning the value of being in the moment. Being more present enables people to think on their feet and have mental agility. All of these bond the employees and the content can be adjusted to teach a variety of values to serve the different purposes of a team building workshop.

conflict resolution


We help to develop the skills to overcome stress in the workplace and to learn how to find amicable ways of settling disputes.



Using our techniques we can improve the attitudes of employees and help them to feel more a part of the company than apart from the company.

sales training


A change in corporate culture isn't always easy. We help to adjust to new management staff and to bond that staff with each other and their employees.

newly formed group


Newly formed groups take time to learn about one another and develop a level of trust. We can speed that process to become productive.

silo mentality


There is a tendency for groups to isolate themselves from other parts of the organization and distrust others. We develop bonds between groups.

virtual teams


As employees work remotely, there is an increased sense of isolation, decreased communication and a general mistrust. We help overcome those limitations.


Team Building is an area of practice involved in the creation, maintenance and improvement of group dynamics to enable all forms of operation. In other words, we get people to work together in better ways.

In general, we recommend a month or two warning. With a month warning we are almost always available and it leaves time to agree on the details. There are many steps to set up a show in the Arabian Peninsula or around the Persian Gulf, time allows us to get paperwork and other elements together. Less time, and the costs are usually much larger as well.

That is always a tricky question. To answer that, we need to know the size of your group, when and where the event is, and agree on an approach to the event. Also, it depends on the experience of our facilitators. We have improv performers and we have people who have been the CEOs of companies. We deal with so many events with so many options, having a menu sheet with pricing just isn't practical. Reach out and we can discuss your options.

We come anywhere that you are. Generally we come to meeting rooms in offices, hotel conference spaces and banquet areas. We have performed team building events on a beach, on top of a garage, on military bases, and in someone's home. The trick is to discuss the location with us and we can make appropriate recommendations.

We have done events for hundreds of people as well as for groups of under 10. The reality is that we have structures that we can do for just about any sized group. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan to develop their ability to work together.

We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500 as well as many small companies. We have also conducted many different types of approaches to team building. We like to accommodate your needs, but we also don't want to overly burden our past clients. After all, we don't want to turn the great event that they had into a negative experience by having them field dozens of calls. to balance the two, we rather narrow down the approach that you would like to take so that we can get you a reference that can speak directly to your event. Otherwise, you can always view our Testimonials.



  1. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: - By understanding each other and knowing each others' goals and aspirations, everyone is in a better position to help each other and to motivate employees.
  2. GROUP SPIRIT: - A group of individuals just isn't as effective as a group working together. We work towards creating something of a unified spirit without losing their individuality.
  3. TEAMWORK: - Often organizations suffer from duplication of effort and micro-management. We assist teams to trust one another more completely. This includes entrusting someone with tasks and then living up to that trust. Taking responsibility and accomplishing what someone sets out to do. We also encourage checking each other's work, but as a means to improve one-another instead of being seen as a punishment or lack of trust.
  4. A FEELING OF APPRECIATION: - Setting goals for employees to motivate them to achieve greater success is highly important. Having a way to show that you appreciate their efforts while utilizing performances that are more acceptable as an expense is vital. We have a selection of meetings and incentives awards programs that get people laughing and having a good time while bonding with fellow employees.

With years of experience providing corporate team building services, the staff of THEY improv bring their business consulting skills to solve your employee bonding needs. Whether you are looking for help in achieving corporate culture change, merger or acquisition assimilation, new management teams, improving morale, overcoming silo mentality, or dealing with the isolation of virtual work groups, we can assist you in unique ways.

Prior to any corporate team building workshop, THEY improv listens to your needs and consults with you to determine the particular needs of your group, issues that need to be considered, timing, location and budget concerns to customize a program to help achieve the needs of the company in the best way possible.


Beyond companies, we can also develop programs for social groups, fraternal organizations, Non-Profit Charities, universities and just about any other type of group looking to improve the quality of their workers or volunteers.


We Can Literally Speak Your Language



Most of our Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf Team Building Events are conducted in English. It tends to be the shared common language, though may need some adjustments for varying cultures and backgrounds. Pop culture, for instance, might not be as shared. We discuss your needs and adjust.



We can operate these corporate events in a bilingual environment. You would let us know your concerns and we can incorporate these into your program. We will go over rates and fees and determine the best approach.



We do have facilitators from all over the world who can operate for your group remotely or in-person in a variety of languages. Simply reach out and ask and we can work on developing options for your needs.

We serve the entire region including all of the major urban centers including Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Manama in Bahrain, Kuwait City, Muscat in Oman, Doha in Qatar, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE, as well as practically anywhere else you can think of. All the ports, business centers and tourist destinations are accessible by our facilitators.


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.



Many US companies operate throughout the Kingdom and the employees operating far from home want familiar entertainment and need to foster understanding and collaboration with KSA partners.



Not only does the US have interests in the area, there are large numbers of British and other international businesses that can utilize our team building and training programs.



Kuwait City is a major destination for people from around the world. It serves as a great backdrop for regional conferences and an opportunity to bring together employees to bond.



The Sultanate has a free trade agreement with the United States and this has led to a variety of business opportunities requiring closer working relationships with local businesses.



Very visible to Americans due to the airline, relations between the countries run far deeper than that. There are more US companies operating in partnership with locals that are solely US owned.

united arab emirates uae


There are over 1,000 companies from the US with operations in the UAE. Enhancing relations between companies from different countries is key to financial success.

Some of Our Clients

Our clients include a Who's Who of international business and feature major players including over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients whose companies have been improved by hiring THEY improv to enhance their businesses with our programs.