We help companies to think outside the box and to get new perspectives on issues that directly effect the bottom line. We can consult with your group and listen to your needs. We come at it with a mind's eye of finding the best approach for your group to better achieve your goals.



With years of experience providing business consulting services, our staff brings their skills to solve your needs. Whether you are looking for help in achieving corporate culture change, merger or acquisition assimilation, simple team building workshops, leadership training, employee recognition, bonding, meetings and incentives or skills training, our professional staff can assist you in unique ways.

team building


We help your teams to remove the borders that separate them from one another. We help them to bridge the cultural divides and work together towards common goals.

brainstorming sessions


The generation of new ideas is vital for the success of any project. We teach creativity and can lead teams through the creative process. This can lead to wonderful new ideas and directions that might not otherwise be possible.

business consulting


We provide a variety of business consulting services to better identify the causes of problems to root out the difficulties and come up with innovative ways to enhance the culture and processes that will enable your company to become stronger.

corporate event


We can provide improv comedy, game shows, magic shows and murder mystery dinners to entertain your company party for milestone events that will help your employees to bond and feel appreciated.

HR Consulting


We can conduct a variety of Human Resources Consulting to develop Training Workshops for managing Human Resources. This can include personality assessments, overcoming dysfunctions within organizations, safety, efficiency, discrimination and diversity.

keynote speaker


We can bring a wide range of keynote speakers to liven up your events and to help bring to light subjects that you would like to address. These can be experts, people who have experienced amazing adventures, authors or comedic characters.

Improvisational techniques can help increase the efficiency of your business, help your adjustment to ever-changing market conditions, smooth transitions in administration, enhance corporate presentation skills and better enable the administration of corporate doctrine. Also, we can utilize the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the DISC HR Personality Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators as well as many other programs.

When it comes to marketing, an improvisational workshop can help foster creativity, generate new and unique ideas and help produce results. This is done in a safe and creative environment helping to get all participants feeling comfortable and operating at the peak of their intelligence. We can assist you with a marketing idea brainstorming session, or help your staff to get more creative.

While being an American company operating in the Arabian Peninsula or around the Persian Gulf, you will not only be held to local standards, but have to be concerned about employee or public backlash back home. We can help you to straddle the cultural divide and help protect you against potential PR blowback from unintended actions.



  • EFFICIENCY - looking into production processes, we look to identify the bottlenecks and improve the efficiency of the workforce along with the methods of supervision. This includes looking at the effects of time zone differences between offices and finding ways to minimize losses due to employees around the world not working at the same time.
  • STRUCTURE - analyzing the corporate structure of your organization, we look to reduce duplication and find ways to improve processes. This is not always about efficiency or speed of operation. This is usually more about enhancing productivity and quality as well as fighting silo mentality.
  • CULTURAL ISSUES - we can teach cultural concern for incoming employees or develop training videos to assist in quick comfort to the changed work environments. Adding amusing elements, that are culturally sensitive, can also enhance retention of the lessons.
  • SAFETY - working with your team we can assess potential areas of safety concerns that may exist in facilities, equipment, industry specific, employee limitations and procedures. This allows for a neutral and safe environment to bring up issues to our people as a neutral third party. We can also teach assertiveness to help employees to address concerns in the moment.
  • PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS - we can use a variety of assessment techniques, with or without employee participation, to determine strengths and weaknesses. This can be used to assess people as to their best functions or to identify areas that need improvement.
  • DYSFUNCTIONS - we analyze your organization with the filter of known common dysfunctions within work environments.

Besides these particular business consulting programs, we can also offer a variety of other services for corporate events that can prove invaluable. These include a variety of team building, corporate training, activities and educational entertainment at company parties and offsites.

why comedy

Having people laugh along the way makes them more open to new ideas and more likely to take lessons to heart. We bring funny people that can deliver serious amounts of information in an amusing manner. This helps to make any session more effective.

We will listen to any problems that you might have and come up with unique and creative ways to address those problems. It all begins by reaching out and sharing your concerns with us. We look forward to hearing from you and making something happen.


We Can Literally Speak Your Language



Most of our Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf Business Consulting events are conducted in English. It tends to be the shared common language, though may need some adjustments for varying cultures and backgrounds. Pop culture, for instance, might not be as shared. We discuss your needs and adjust.



We can operate these corporate events in a bilingual environment. You would let us know your concerns and we can incorporate these into your program. We will go over rates and fees and determine the best approach.



We do have facilitators from all over the world who can operate for your group remotely or in-person in a variety of languages. Simply reach out and ask and we can work on developing options for your needs.

We serve the entire region including all of the major urban centers including Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Manama in Bahrain, Kuwait City, Muscat in Oman, Doha in Qatar, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE, as well as practically anywhere else you can think of. All the ports, business centers and tourist destinations are accessible by our facilitators.


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.



Many US companies operate throughout the Kingdom and the employees operating far from home want familiar entertainment and need to foster understanding and collaboration with KSA partners.



Not only does the US have interests in the area, there are large numbers of British and other international businesses that can utilize our team building and training programs.



Kuwait City is a major destination for people from around the world. It serves as a great backdrop for regional conferences and an opportunity to bring together employees to bond.



The Sultanate has a free trade agreement with the United States and this has led to a variety of business opportunities requiring closer working relationships with local businesses.



Very visible to Americans due to the airline, relations between the countries run far deeper than that. There are more US companies operating in partnership with locals that are solely US owned.

united arab emirates uae


There are over 1,000 companies from the US with operations in the UAE. Enhancing relations between companies from different countries is key to financial success.

Some of Our Clients

Our clients include a Who's Who of international business and feature major players including over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients whose companies have been improved by hiring THEY improv to enhance their businesses with our programs.